Sleeping Tips For New Parents - Managing Healthy Sleeping Habits With Baby

When the long wait of 9 months is finally over and you have your baby in your arms, all you will feel is joy and excitement. But you see, while being a parent is one of the best feelings in the world, if you are not mindful enough, the exhaustion can take a toll on your health and also on the bonding experience with your baby. We are not here to scare you, don’t worry. We are only here to tell you how important it is for you and your bundle of joy to get your fair share of sleep and rest. We will help you with creating a healthy newborn sleep schedule, setting up a cozy comfy sleeping space for your baby, and also making consistent newborn sleep patterns & baby bedtime routines.

Expert Tips to Manage Newborn Baby Sleep Time

Let us see a few ways in which you can manage your newborn baby sleeping time:

  1. Babies are new to this world, so it only makes sense that they need so much sleep. Yes, they actually sleep for around 16-18 hours a day! So as a parent, it will be easier to manage the rest of your life if you can figure out your baby sleep patterns. 
  2. Having random bedtime hours with no planned routine will make things more difficult. If you have a baby bedtime routine with activities like massages and storytelling, you can let your baby know it's time to sleep with them. You can try our Shrubs and Berries moisturising face cream and body lotion for added comfort. 
  3. Babies find it soothing to sleep in the warmth of your arms. While it is a shortcut to make them sleep, you can encourage self-soothing. This will make them go to sleep on their own. Oh and remember to clothe them in comfy and breathable clothes as well. 


Creating a Calming Sleeping Environment for Baby

It's not just us adults who like to sleep in a room that is calm quiet, dark, and cool, babies need it as well. You can add a few more things to make it a better sleeping place for your baby.

  1. Make sure to expose your baby to enough natural light during the day and to a dark and quiet room at night. This can make them work out their natural circadian rhythm. Use as less lights as possible in their sleep room as it promotes melatonin production which is important for good sleep.
  2. White noise reminds your baby of its old home, the womb. We all love to sleep in our familiar and comfy spaces, and so do babies. Adding white noise to the room not only makes your baby feel protected but will also drown other disturbances. 
  3. Your baby’s crib or bassinet needs to be comfortable and safe for the baby to sleep in. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends placing babies on their backs on a flat and firm surface with no pillows or toys can get good sleep for your babies. But some babies sleep better with pillows around them as it makes them feel safe. See what your baby prefers and do accordingly, but make sure there are no strangulation or suffocation risks.  


Getting quality rest as a new parent

As a new parent, you may find it hard to get enough sleep for yourself. So here are a few ways you can ensure enough rest for yourself:

  1. It may sound cliché, but nap when your baby naps. A short 20-30-minute nap can boost your well-being as a new parent.
  2. While your baby naps, resist the urge to do chores. These can wait, and you can ask for help. Prioritize sleep over chores.
  3. If you're struggling with sleep, fatigue, or stress as a new parent, consult a doctor. They can identify underlying medical issues and offer guidance on managing postpartum challenges like hormones, pain, breastfeeding, anxiety, or depression.


By having a little patience and flexibility along with the tips we have shared here, you can create a cozy sleep haven for your baby and make sure you get the rest you need too. You may also check out Shrubs and Berries’ carefully crafted skincare for your baby that is gentle and comforting on their skin as well. Good skin health means better-undisrupted sleep. Adapt to your baby's uniqueness, create a soothing sleep environment, and enjoy a well-rested, happy home. Sweet dreams, new parents!

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. How do parents manage their sleep with a newborn?

Managing their sleep schedule in sync with the baby sleep pattern is the best way for parents to get enough sleep. 

Q. What are healthy sleep habits for babies?

A consistent sleep schedule and quality sleep are the main constituents of healthy sleep habits for babies. 

Q. How can I improve my baby's sleep quality?

A comfortable space can improve your baby's sleep quality by large and optimizing room temperature and including aromatherapy can also help with this. 

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