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Let your Baby’s Face Shine With Best Face Care Products 

Newborn skin care is an essential part of their healthy childhood. Babies have sensitive skin, which is easily prone to dryness, rashes, and other problems. This is why we suggest applying the right newborn face products like newborn face cream SPF and newborn face wash that will ensure soft and smooth skin for your little one. At Shrubs and Berries, we take a lot of time and effort into formulating the best newborn face products that are effective and cause no harm to their skin. You can choose from our wide range of products like cream for newborn face rash, newborn face moisturizer, lotion on newborn face, and more. These are made from skin-friendly and natural ingredients that hydrate the skin and treat various skin concerns gently.

Buying Guide For Newborn Face Care Products 

Shrubs and Berries have a rejuvenating range of newborn face products along with body products like baby body wash and baby shampoo. From our face care range, here is the list of best-selling products you should buy for your baby’s skin care.

  • Hydrating Newborn Face Cream: This hydrating face cream for newborn face rash contains moisturizing ingredients like macadamia, sunflower and almond oil, which will prevent their skin from drying out. 
  • SPF 50 Sun Cream: This cream will protect your little one from the harmful UV rays of the sun with its hydrating and protective natural ingredients like aloe vera and shea butter. It also contains vitamin E that is an antioxidant. 
  • Newborn Face Cream for Dry Skin: make sure your baby’s skin remains hydrated with this special cream for dry skin. 
  • Newborn Face Moisturizer: This gentle lotion on newborn face works like a charm to prevent itching, rashes and dry skin throughout the day. It is enriched with various oils along with shea butter that moisturises the skin.

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How To Keep Baby’s Skin Moisturize 

You can follow the following tips to keep your baby’s skin hydrated at all times:

  • Bathe two-three times a week: Babies do not need to bathe as often as we do and their skin is more prone to dryness and rashes. This is why you should avoid bathing them too much.
  • Use hydrating newborn face products and body products: You can use newborn face cream, lotion on newborn face and other hydrating products to keep their skin moisturised.
  • Use gentle washes: You must choose a newborn face wash or shampoo that is not harsh on their skin. Shrubs and Berries has the best range of newborn skin care products with gentle ingredients.

Why Trust Shrubs & Berries? 

Shrubs and Berries is a skincare brand for babies and focuses on creating balanced, effective and safe products for their healthy skin. We believe in promoting the use of natural remedies which cause no harm to the skin and are gentle yet effective. Our products like face care products, body care products such as baby body lotion, powders and sunscreen lotions are free of toxic chemicals like sulphates, parabens and fragrances, which can potentially cause harmful skin conditions. 


Q. What should we apply on baby face? 

You can apply newborn face wash followed by newborn face cream or lotion on newborn face to keep your baby’s skin moisturised. 

Q. When can I start using face cream on my baby? 

After the first few weeks, it is safe to use face cream on your baby’s face.

Q. What kind of face care babies need initially? 

For the first few weeks, babies do not need any skincare, but after that they may develop dry skin so they need hydrating skincare products.

Q. Can we use oil on baby face?

Yes, you can safely use oil on your baby’s face.