Essential Tips for Working Moms - How To Spend Quality Time With Kids

There are mothers who juggle being a mom and a working woman which can be a lot to handle most of the time because there needs to be a work-life balance. Getting into that space where you’re giving these two aspects of your life enough time that none of your efforts are wasted takes time and patience to build.

So, as you step into this new stage of prioritizing your responsibilities as a mother and your relationship with your kids', we urge you to give yourself some grace. You’re allowed to try different ways until you figure out one thing or a few that works perfectly for you and your kid. Motherhood is learning as you go and these tips we’ve put together require some practice before you get the hang of it and turn it into a habit.

Without further ado, here are some positive parenting tips to build your bond with your kid.

5 Fun Ideas To Spend Time with Kids As a Working Parent

Here are different ways of spending time with kids as a working parent. You can pick all, a few, or one of these things to do with your kids'. However, remember that it would take intentionality and consistency to turn it into a habit.

1. Simple daily activities:

There are some activities or routines that you need to go through each morning like brushing your teeth, having breakfast, etc. Not only will this get your kid(s) into a routine, but it will also allow you to spend time with your kid(s). You can also choose to wake them up by singing to them or reading them a book as soon as they’re up to get them excited for the day ahead.

2. Get your child involved in activities:

Whether it’s something of their wish or something of your choice, be involved in the time you’re spending with them as you both partake in the chosen activity. However, be sure you consider the time you have and pick something that you can be able to finish with them. These activities can be simply chatting about what’s going on in their life, arts and crafts, etc.


3. Engage your child in household chores:

Getting your kid in household chores is a great way to get them to understand the concept of cleanliness, among other things, which can be a habit that can come in handy. If you are cooking, baking, cleaning up after yourself, doing laundry, or doing other things, you can involve your kid to take part in it and explain things along the way and answer any questions they may have.

4. Fun indoor or outdoor games:

There are various indoor and outdoor games that you can play just for some fun time for your kids to spend some time with them and some of them can also get them tired before they have to head to bed. Some of these games include hide and seek, treasure hunt, pin the tail, touch and feel box, indoor bowling, etc. You can do any fun game that they would be interested in.

5. Bedtime stories and conversations

If nighttime is all they have with you, then be intentional about putting them to sleep and reading bedtime stories. This way you get to spend a few minutes with them before they sleep off. However, during this time you can hold different conversations about the story you’ve read to them or about something entirely different.

Activities To Do With Kids During The Weekend

There are fun activities you can do with your kids if you don’t have time during the week to spend with them. However, even if you spend time with them during the week, you can still do these activities to spend more time with them and turn them into a family ritual.

1. Weekend Vacation:

Go for a weekend vacation with the family and visit new places or family and friends in different cities or states. This can be a fun way to allow your kid to gain new experiences.

2. Picnic:

Picnics are a great way to step out into nature and allow your kid to associate with nature and other kids that may be around the park you go to. This can start a lifelong friendship for them.


3. Fun and Games:

For the activities you’ve been putting off because of how time-consuming they are whether they are games, arts and crafts, or something else, you can bring them out during the weekend when you have enough time to start and finish them before the day ends. Or you can continue the following day before the week begins again.

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FAQs on Spending Time with Kids

Q. How do you spend time with kids while working?

A: Interaction with your kids is key to bonding with them and it makes all the difference. Taking some quality time to listen to them and be with them doesn’t have to be a lot that you forgo your other duties. But it lies in the ways you’re spending time with your kids.

Q. How do you take care of your child if you are a working mother?

A: There’s always a time period when you aren’t working, whether that’s in the morning or when you’re back home after work and maybe during the weekends. Invite them to take part in those activities you set out to do when you’re home with them like cooking, getting ready for work in the morning, sitting with them during dinner and tucking them in bed for the night, and weekend plans with them.

Q. How do you manage both work and kids?

A: Depending on your lifestyle and theirs, find common ground and create some time for your kids during that free time. There are different things you can do to connect and bond with your kids like going on picnics, allowing them to partake in activities and chores, playing fun games with them, creating a journal meant for the both of you in case, and more.
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