An Ultimate Parenting Guide for Stress-Free and Healthy Parenting

Many say, ‘Having a child fills a place in your heart that you never knew was empty’. However, it can be one of the most challenging experiences a parent could have. Sleepless nights, tired body and mind, constant change of diapers and dresses, understanding the tantrums, and never-ending cycle of feeding and soothing can take a toll on your mental and physical well-being. Every parent deserves to have a stress-free and healthy parenting experience. Through our ultimate parenting guide, we'll explore some good parenting tips to help you reduce stress and maintain a healthy lifestyle while navigating the beautiful but challenging journey of parenting with newborns.

What is Good Parenting?

Parenting is a beautiful journey that is like a bed of roses at times and like a rollercoaster ride the remaining time. However, stress is an inherent element in the process; but with appropriate parenting techniques and strategies, it can be handled efficiently. Do not shy away from asking for help whenever required.  Take care of yourself first and always keep in mind that every parent has their fair share of difficulties during this phase. As your child grows into a toddler maintaining a healthy lifestyle for them becomes a huge concern for every parent. But following the advice of the experts, as well as paying attention to what children would like or what you believe would be right for them, will lead you through this period.


Expert parenting tips to reduce stress after having a baby

Since parenting tips have drawn attention to a great level, let's explore some amazing parenting techniques from experts that will help you in your journey as a parent-

Create a routine

Having a routine in your mind will help you move forward with the day. It also ensures that you complete certain important tasks for yourself and for the baby. This helps reduce anxiety and stress associated with the unknown. The difficulty comes in maintaining the routine with an infant. But stick to the routine as much as possible and small tweaks here and there will help you manage it even better. 

Prioritise self-care

Taking care of yourself is very important. Only if you are physically and mentally healthy, can the baby be healthy. Make some time for self-care activities even if it's only for a short while. A quick walk, listening to songs, watching a feel-good movie,  a warm bath, or a few minutes of meditation can help rejuvenate you.

Sleep whenever possible

Whether it's the mother or the father, whenever you get time take a nap. Short naps are actually powerful and will give you enough energy to continue the rest of the day. Taking longer naps might not be possible and it tends to make you more sleepy. But short naps are best and if you get a chance, don’t let it slip away. Grab it and sleep.

Delegate the household chores

One of the most healthy parenting tips would be to share responsibilities with your partner or other family members. Simplify your household chores and focus on what's essential for yourself and for the baby.

Seek support

Postpartum depression is not just any other term. It is prevalent amongst most mothers and it is important to not leave it unattended. Don't hesitate to get help from friends and family. Accepting assistance can ease the burden and allow you to rest when needed. If required take assistance from a trained psychologist as well.

Be Realistic

Understanding that no parent is perfect always plays a key role in being a parent. It is completely alright to have rough days. Lower your expectations and embrace parenthood instead of finding faults and feeling guilty. With each step, you will learn more, and hence don’t give up.

Compelling parenting tips for toddlers to maintain a healthy lifestyle

As your child grows, there are various new sets of challenges that arise. Here are some effective parenting tips to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle for your toddler:

Balanced Nutrition

Ensure that your child gets a balanced diet that includes vegetables, fruits, proteins, whole grains, and calcium. Avoid junk food and processed food at this age. If your child doesn’t eat vegetables and fruits, try blending them into juice or make the food look more interesting. 


Physical Activity

Encouraging physical activity right from this age plays an important role in the child’s health. Toddlers need regular exercise to support their development and to burn off excess energy. Take them out to parks and to gardens and allow them to explore and run around. 

Limit screen time

A growing concern for most parents is the gadget addiction that children develop from a very young age. Minimize the screen time and encourage them to play with toys instead. It is advisable if they are not familiarised with gadgets at this age. Replace YouTube videos with well-illustrated books and colorful toys. 

Establish sleep routine

Establish a daily routine from this age. Put them to sleep at around 8.00 – 9.00 p.m. and have it be a routine. Regular bedtime routines allow toddlers to have enough sleep which is crucial for them as far as body and emotions are concerned. Moreover, this assists you as a parent to have some spare time to work and even sleep earlier.

Inculcate Discipline

Though the physical strength of the child is crucial, the child should also acquire moral features and let him/her know about the virtues and the good habits. Teaching your child how to be disciplined and morally conscious at an early age will contribute significantly to making them a better person.

Promote Independence

Help your toddler take care of some little things by themselves like eating on his own, putting toys away, and doing simple chores. It builds confidence and self-reliance.


It is important to ensure that the baby does not develop rashes or allergies or get tanned due to exposure to harsh summers.  If maintained properly, the baby's skin will be soft and smooth and will help in giving a better glow to the kid. To Ensure your baby’s skin is young and soft, it's advisable to buy the right products that are natural and have no harsh chemicals in them. That is why you should try Shrubs & Berries, for their various baby products that have been tested by dermatologists and approved by pediatricians. From face cream to sunscreen lotions, you name them, Shrubs & Berries will have them.


Remember, nobody knows everything and it is alright to seek help and learn from the experiences as you go. Parenting is a journey, full of highs and lows and it is your love and commitment that will take you through. 


Q. How do you deal with stress with a newborn?

Take support and establish routines for coping with stress as a new parent. Never be afraid to seek assistance and always take breaks when necessary. 

Q. Can newborns sense mothers' stress? 

Yes, newborns can sense their parents’ stress and emotions. The baby will feel more at home when the mothers are calm and relaxed.

Q. Is it normal to be stressed with a newborn?

Yes, it is entirely normal to feel stressed as a new parent. Like most other new parents, you too are likely to experience moments of stress. Caring for a newborn is exhausting; however, with time and support from others, most parents learn how to overcome the stresses associated with this process.

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